Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Silver Earrings!

Check out my new pearl bead earring design!  They were originally commissioned by Anna Kiser Montgomery for her bridesmaid jewelry.
Get them at Liz Daly Designs on Main St. Greenville or e-mail me your order at and get a pair for 25% off!

Pearl Bead Earrings; copyright 2012 Gabrielle E. Wells

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Blue Door by Gabrielle

Blue Door is my business of selling paintings, drawings, and jewelry. The art presented on this blog is from my portfolio and present work I'm developing.

I've chosen the name Blue Door because the color schemes I choose usually have blue undertones. Also, I'm fascinated by views looking through openings such as doors, windows, and keyholes. I primarily use these motifs in my paintings and drawings. Currently, I'm experimenting with wire wrapping inspired by vine wrappings and organic forms in nature.

Contact me at for commissions and for further information on my art. Please feel comfortable to make comments and critiques on my work.